You've got a question, a problem or simply some suggestions for improvement? You want to complain or join the clan? Then contact us! You can either speak to one of our members in-game or get in touch with us via IRC or by email.

If you want to report a cheater, you can do this by uploading a demo. First, make sure that the suspect is on one of our servers ;)
To record a demo, press F12 (by default) or type /recorddemo in the game-console.
To stop recording, press F12 again or enter /stoprecord.
Depending on your operating system, you will find your demos there:


Send us an email at admins@unbalanced-clan.com or use the form below.



Our IRC channel (what's that?) is #unbalanced-clan at Quakenet. Use your own client or join with a web-based applet. Please be patient and stay in the chat if you don't get an immediate reply. We'll answer as soon as possible. Meanwhile try typing !quiz for a quiz game, !hangman for playing hangman or !chucknorris for some random Chuck Norris facts.